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  • От 01.04.2024 до 17.05.2024 година всеки български артилерист може да поднови членството си или да се присъедини към фен клуба на Арсенал Лондон в България. В навечерието сме на нашата 20-та годишнина, като приготовленията за този забележителен юбилей вървят с пълна сила, а от УС на ASCB имаме намерението, да Ви изненадаме с поредица прояви в началото на юни. Поради тази причина изместваме периода на кампанията с 14 дни и това е единствената промяна. Членският внос остава в размер на 40 лв. за сезон за пълнолетни и 20 лв. за лица от 4 до 17 години, а тези до 3 години са без членски внос. Отстъпката от 5 лева за членски внос (за родствена връзка по права линия и/или съпрузи) ползват само лица навършили 18 години. Членуването в ASCB дава възможност за кандидатстване за билети за домакинските срещи на отбора в Лондон или за гостуванията в Европа. Въпреки безпрецедентния интерес към срещите на Арсенал в момента, ние правим всичко необходимо за да осигурим присъствие на „българските топчии“ на стадион Емирейтс за всеки един двубой, цел която ще продължим да следваме и през следващия сезон. С въведената нова система на квоти за билети сме осигурили билети на 33 процента членове, които нямат точки в точкова система за активност на нашата организация. Това е резултат, който ни прави особено щастливи, тъй като за нас е мисия, колкото може повече хора да стъпят на мач на любимия отбор и да се запознаят с ценностите, които изповядва ФК Арсенал Лондон от първо лице. Гостуванията в Европа са друг наш акцент, защото благодарение на ASCB все повече „български артилеристи“ усещат магията да пътуваш с отбора в различните части на Европа. Както всяка година членовете ще получат традиционно пакет, който включва персонализирана карта и подарък. След всички успешни инициативи през последните години сме амбицирани да достигнем нови висини в качеството и визията за развитието на „Арсенал България“, ще продължим с нашите благотворителни изяви, с които да бъдем близо до хората. Обещаваме Ви един прекрасен рожден ден и много поводи за гордост, защото Вие сте нашият основен капитал и смятаме, че с общи усилия ще задържим невероятния растеж, който постигнахме през последната година, благодарение на всеки един от Вас.
    Връзка към темата: https://arsenal-bulgaria.com/forums/topic/19112/

    We Live in a Parallel Universe
    How would you feel about a parallel world in which Arsenal are the top dogs with far more trophies than all the rest? That we laugh at Liverpool, Man Utd and City?  Where we have had many Invincible seasons? Where Tottenham have won sweet fa? And we are the only English team to win in Europe? And we are ranked 3rd in Europe instead of 22 where we are at the moment? Wouldn’t that be nice? Would you go and live in that parallel world if you got the chance? If everything else is the same in your life except that Arsenal are the premier among premiers?

    Katie McCabe - a superstar of Arsenal and Ireland
    The strange thing is that this parallel world actually exists. You can live in it. In fact you do. It is the Arsenal’s women’s team who hoovered up most trophies for many years building up a bank of trophies that will take a very long time for any team to catch up to. Top in every domestic competition with 15 league titles and 14 FA Cups and many others. And the Arsenal team were the trailblazers for women’s football in the UK, they created the conditions to allow the national teams to challenge and win major trophies.
    Vic Akers the groundbreaker
    Soccer has become a viable choice for girls all over the world and yes, they are getting better all the time. Now it is a credible career option, and a superstar can make up to 400,000 pounds per year in the Women’s Super League (WSL). Although most pros make considerably less than that it seems like it is an upward curve for future participants. And as the Arsenal team now play major matches at the Emirates it is guaranteed that the salary pot can increase.

    Vic Akers  and the Arsenal miracles
    Now, for the uninitiated, there is a true Arsenal legend called Vic Akers who was involved with the Gunners since 1986. In 1987 he set up Arsenal Ladies and became their first and most successful manager. He pleaded with David Dein for funding for shirts, boots, etc and Mr Dein, being the canny football man that he was, figured the more human beings that love football, has to be good for the club. 50% of the population could now love Arsenal. This support fired Akers and the ladies to an unprecedented dominance in English football. They won and kept on winning. I should mention that Akers was also Arsenal’s kitman for the men’s teams throughout the Wenger years only losing his job when Wenger was hounded out.
    Male advocates
    That is one of the complex sides of all the gender difficulties that we humans have had to face, that men have often championed the female side as they seek advancement and equality. And so Akers and even Dein, through the ripple effect of their efforts to bring on the Arsenal ladies, as they were known then, helped create the conditions in which female football could flourish throughout the UK.
    And of course there is an Irish connection although I can’t find a Bulgarian one. Emma Byrne the goalkeeper won everything in a long career over 16 years for Arsenal from 2000 to 2016. She also won 134 caps for Ireland. Ciara Grant also won everything from 1998 to 2014 with a load of Ireland caps, and Katie McCabe is a stalwart of the current side and one of our most popular players.

    Emma Byrne was a goalkeeping legend at Arsenal
    As an aside I was on a flight from Dublin to London and sat beside Ciara Grant’s father who was a very interesting man and was very happy his daughter was with Arsenal.
    New, powerful rivals springing up like mushrooms
    Of course, now, Chelsea have become  a big noise in women’s football as have the other major teams. Arsenal are still contenders but no longer champions a bit like the men’s team. However, the move to the Emirates could see them return to their rightful place at the top. Competition is now tough and a dominance like Arsenal’s will never be seen again but it would be great to see us winning trophies once more.
    And so women’s football has made a remarkable journey. Now there are women all over the male game as excellent pundits, commentators, presenters, referees, and soon managers? It should happen. Men are always terrified of women as they take no nonsense and they would have put Aubameyang in his place a lot quicker than Arteta did. He might still be there if he had received his kick in the arse sooner.
    Women could bring us to a higher level
    I also believe that in officiating women could make a huge difference in gaining respect from players. A Roy Keane or a Martin Keown snarling and screaming at a woman would be quickly clamped down on and ostracized. We badly need officials to come through and that 50% of women gives us a great extra pool to bridge the gap, plus I suspect they could make great officials. That could soon sort out the nonsense that players get up to with refs.

    A woman would soon sort you out, Roy
    But will women’s soccer ever take equal billing? I doubt it. Nor do I believe they can achieve playing parity any time soon. That may be a bridge too far. The Arsenal under 15 team played the senior women’s team and were 7 up at half time. It is a big challenge to compete against men at any sport and soccer, as the most popular game in the world, has had a huge head start.
    A female Messi appears
    I would love to see, though, a woman playing in the men’s game. That may happen if a woman shows enough ability. It now happens regularly at school level so you never know. Golf and snooker allow women their chance but football is a different ask. But if someone shows enough ability they will play them, of that I am certain.

    Reanne Evans taking on the men in snooker
    It seems that this upward trajectory will continue. New fans are coming on board. It gains unprecedented levels of viewership both on TV and live in grounds. Unfamiliar teams have the chance to become heroes. Lyon are the world's best team and England are winning tournaments.

    Not the new female Messi
    I would have laughed out loud at the prospect of this happening when I was growing up. Women and girls used to fall over trying to kick a ball. They don't now. We are living in a parallel universe to the one I grew up in. All is good.
    No Update to the Table of Doom
    There is no update to the Table of Doom other than dark rumblings are coming out about Man City and sanctions. I suspect they may be fined 100,000 pounds and told to stand in the corner for a day. Don’t hold your breath waiting for anything worse.

    Is 35 or even 30 the new 40?
    Key: The year, the teams and their final points total at 3rd from bottom, since the Premier League began.
    1993 Palace 49
    1994 Sheff Utd 42
    1995 Norwich 43
    1996 Man City 38
    1997 Sunderland  40
    1998 Bolton 40
    1999 Charlton 36
    2000 Wimbledon 33
    2001 Man City 34
    2002 Ipswich 36
    2003 West Ham 42
    2004 Leicester 33
    2005 Palace 33
    2006 Birmingham 34
    2007 Sheff Utd 38
    2008 Reading 36
    2009 Newcastle 34
    2010 Burnley 30
    2011 Birmingham 39
    2012 Bolton 36
    2013 Wigan 36
    2014 Norwich 33
    2015 Hull 35
    2016 Newcastle 37
    2017 Hull 34
    2018 Swansea 33
    2019 Cardiff 34
    2020 Bournemouth 34
    2021 Fulham 28
    2022 Burnley 35
    2023 Leicester 34
    One thing is certain from looking at the final 3rd place from bottom in the Premier League since it started is that 40 points is becoming a distant figure. The first 3 seasons had 22 teams and more matches but 40 wasn’t even a safe position. This season if Luton finish 3rd from bottom they may have less than 30 and we could be heading into an outlook where 30 is the new 40. The big teams have fixed the game so that they get more points and the lower ones must fight for scraps. It is looking like a record points haul for the top four this season. The mighty get more, the weak get less. Does this not give the lie to the oft quoted line as the “Most competitive league in the world”?

    Palace 1993 would have been dreaming of Europe all season now with 49 points
    Now I reckon that for Arsenal fans, sitting nicely on top of the league at the moment and due to stay there for a while as there are no leagues at the moment, and if we beat City on March 31st we will stay there even longer, that they give little thought to those teams on the bottom. Is this a fair approach?
    A drop in points and a drop in stature
    The big teams have huge squads, money to burn, and do everything they can to get any margin in their favour. The only reason they give any thought to the little teams is that they do grab a few points from the entitled monsters. They have worked steadily to make sure that even those few scraps from the master’s table are denied them. They have succeeded. Their points are dropping year on year.

    In football it's the other way round
    Does competitiveness matter? Is it ok that only 10 teams have ever qualified for the Champions League despite up to five being allowed to qualify? And a Leicester may never qualify again? In the nineties, despite Manchester United being mostly dominant, they usually won the league with far less points than are required now. Teams were taking points off each other from every section of the league.
    How do big teams make everything better for themselves?
    But now, draws are becoming rarer. The big teams beat the little ones and points are hoovered up. In the nineties, the teams had smaller squads and the first 11 could be easily named. Arteta is a bit of an exception as few players change except by necessity but it is hard to name the first choice 11 at most teams now. 5 subs is a ridiculous concession to the big teams as they have many players who could come on and force an opposing team, who are doing well, to change their tactics mid-game. Extremely talented players are bought up, leaving the talent pool lower down far scarcer than it used to be.

    Jean Marc Bosman changed football
    I declare that we need to go backwards to make a fairer league. Restrict squads and subs and stop allowing loans which were brought in to allow the clubs have huge squads. If players can’t get into their own team they would move on, allowing lower clubs to have them as it was forever in the past. It may surprise my younger readers but loans were only allowed as we know them since 1996 after the famous Bosman ruling in 1995. Players would move to a lower team for the sake of their career and often become a club legend as they got better as they got older.
    Players get paid to do nothing
    Of course, it still happens as we see with Cole Palmer but talent was spread better in the past and this new system of big teams scooping everything and fixing everything behind the scenes so they always get more and more advantage is actually bad for the sport. There are players who spend their days as a bit player to take a good salary and pick up trophies in which they played only a small part in achieving. I highlighted it at Arsenal here where up to 15 players should go if they are serious about their career but some won’t. Same as at all the big clubs. Sport should be about pushing yourself to achieve the highest you can, not sitting on a bench counting your money.

    Current 3rd from bottom Luton could go down with less than 30 points
    It seems like 30 is the new 40 and soon it will be twenty is the new 40, and then what, ten? If you get a miserable total of 11 points you stay up? I am sorry, not for me. It would be easy to make the game fairer but the game is rigged. And unfortunately, Arsenal are one of the riggers and that makes me sad.
    Update to the Table of Doom
    Table of Doom
    Man City (a)
    Villa (h)
    Spurs (a)
    Spurs (h)
    Villa (a)
    Man City
    Arsenal (h)
    Villa (h)
    Spurs (a)
    And so the big change has happened with Villa and Spurs considered out of the race for the title even if they win all their games from here in. 83 is their maximum but probably around 70 points will be their final tally. They will play a big part, though as they both play all contenders and it could well be the team that beats both that win the title. And there is only one contender clash left, us and City in which Liverpool will probably be hoping for a draw. A win for us would be the sweetest in a long time and it is our next match. A draw is our minimum as City normally finish strongly. It is there for us, though, if we finish like an express train, stopping for no one.

    Like I said last week, if Spurs or Villa find a way, by the top teams dropping points, then I will put them back in, but I really cannot see any possibility for them to win the title.

    The City game is too early to be a true clincher but it could be very crucial. Liverpool host Brighton and that is a game they should win to make us nervous. If we win and then beat Luton we will have had a good spell at the top. I hope the boys get a taste for it and stay there till the end. C’mon the Arse!

    Update to the Table of Doom
    Table of Doom
    Man City (a)
    Villa (h)
    Spurs (a)
    Spurs (h)
    Villa (a)
    Man City
    Arsenal (h)
    Villa (h)
    Spurs (a)
    Man City (a)
    Arsenal (a)
    Liverpool (a)
    Man City(a)
    Arsenal (h)
    Liverpool (a)
    The final ten games approaches
    This week big changes to the table of doom. Villa have now dropped out as they cannot make the magic 86 posited at the first Table of Doom. I left them in this week for demonstration purposes. Spurs, with one extra game, stay just about alive. If anything changes such as the top teams dropping a lot of points and I need to reinstate any lower teams I will do so. The big change for us Gooners is that a perfect record almost certainly guarantees the league unless goal difference changes with Liverpool. The truth is, though, that a perfect record for any of the top three will win them the title, for sure.

    Bye bye Villa?
    We are now at the most critical period for Mikel Arteta, the final ten games. It is here he has shown weakness every year since he started. I wrote about it here and his best ever has been 20 points in 2021. Last years total of 15 points would surely not be enough, although 20 points could be at 84 points, but I doubt it. What is certain is that he needs his best ever final ten games to grab the title.  I would love Wenger’s total in 2002 of 30 points. Then we can celebrate like crazy.
    A yoyo end to the season?
    All teams have tough games, and I feel they will drop points, but the one with the strongest determination will win. The biggest battlers at the moment look like Liverpool, at times looking second best in matches but finding a way to win.  Arsenal need to find that grim determination, to battle out when playing badly, to scrape home even if not deservedly. Of course we may garner enough points by playing beautiful football as we have done in many matches recently, but the world rarely seems to work that way.

    This would do nicely
    Sky are hoping for a three way last day finale. Us against Everton at home, City with West Ham at home, and Liverpool at home to Wolves. All look winnable although Everton may possibly be in a relegation scrap and they have a tendency to survive such deprivations. We may also get Chelsea thrown in late in the mix for the cancelled match and that may have a bearing.
    I hope we are there at the end
    I have a strong feeling that no one will win too early this season although it could be over before the final series of games. It would be nice to parade the trophy at the Emirates against Everton. If they all get drunk on Saliba’s tequila then they might even give Everton the three points if they need them.
    I do wish that Arteta would talk to Arsene Wenger about achieving strong finishes as he often did. Listen to the Irishman, Mikel!
    Let’s talk about cheating… again
    I want to return to a topic I broached last week about Liverpool vs Forest. Let’s say Kelleher took the ball from Paul Tierney and immediately passed it to Forest. Nobody would have batted an eyelid because it is what you are expected to do. Teams do it all the time. Probably, earlier in the match he would have. They wanted to win so the rules didn’t matter. Is that acceptable? They knew they were cheating and they knew afterwards they had cheated. They have not held up their hands and acknowledged it. They are wrong. If they win the league by 2 points they might say it was worth it. I would never, even if it was Arsenal.

    Yes it could have been a penalty
    Klopp, at the weekend berated the ref and VAR for not giving a penalty against Doku for clearing the ball in the penalty area but catching McAllister on the follow through. Now that could easily have been given but as the referee didn’t give it it is hard to say it is a clear and obvious error.  These type of things happen in every match but they are not cheating, just fouls that can be difficult to spot.

    Klopp -cheating is only done against us not by us 
    Diving is cheating, but again there is a difficulty in saying whether it was actually a dive or not, as camera angles may miss slight contacts which pull players down. Short of players admitting it it can be hard to truly say. I am sure players have got penalties aplenty by diving and I am also sure that plenty of players have got cards when they didn’t dive. I am not sure if this area can ever be fully resolved as it is truly difficult to say what happened. The point being that it is the player that cheats, not the whole team as was the case when Liverpool refused to hand over the ball.
    Handling the ball should be sorted out
    Let’s talk about handling the ball, this area has become one where accidentally handling the ball can yield a penalty because the rules changed with VAR. Now they can see in most cases if a player handled the ball so the only thing to decide is if there was anything they could do about it.  But let’s say the culture was sporting and a player was obliged to call foul on themselves as in golf or snooker, for example, then the process becomes much simpler. The player calls foul and the VAR review. And if the player refuses to call foul no matter where on the pitch it happens, and irrespective of what the decision is from the VAR review, then the team loses a point after the match. His teammates would be livid and such cheating would disappear.

    Does his foot actually catch him?
    Backing into players then falling down yourself to get a foul is also cheating but again it is hard to say as a viewer what actually happened. The player has cheated but not the team.
    I regularly return to the topic of cheating but I am a lone voice. I almost never get a comment in my blog to say that someone agrees with me. But I will never stop talking about it because we are celebrating cheating.
    Don't celebrate cheating
    I say again, cheating to win is not winning. There is nothing to celebrate. But there is another point regarding Klopp and that is that you lose any moral right to complain about any decision when you have blatantly cheated yourselves. And if the same thing happened to Klopp he would be screaming about cheating. He has lost the right to complain. The rule is simple in this case, the ball goes back to whoever had it. There is no blind spot, there is no interpretation, there are no cases, such as in diving, where we really don’t know. And it cannot matter that there is almost no time left in a match, so it is ok to break the rules. This is a good rule, one that should be cherished. Liverpool should, even at this late stage, say so.

    Definite cheating by Toney and I don't want him
    And yes, I feel all teams cheat. Is there any team that even wins one match cleanly at the moment? The dark arts are even applauded. Why so? There are few areas of life where we applaud cheating but football is one of them. Sport should be about sporting ideals otherwise why call it sport?

    Арсенал преодоля проклятието на 1/8-финалната фаза в Шампионската лига. Късно снощи след изпълнението на дузпи Лондончани отстраниха отбора на Порто. Редовното време на мача и в последствие двете добавени полувремена от по 15 минути приключиха при резултат 1:0 в полза на Арсенал. Въпросното попадение на сметката на червено-белите бе дело на Леандро Тросар в 41-та минута, дошло след асистенция на Мартин Йодегор. И така, тъй като и срещата в Поругалия бе със същия резултат, на Арсенал Стейдиъм предстоеше изпълнението на 11-метрови наказателни удари.

    При тях възпитаниците на Микел Артета бяха абсолютно безпощадни и безапелационни, а в добавка Давид Рая се превърна в герой, отразявайки цели две дузпи. Точни от бялата точка за ''топиите'' бяха Мартин Йодегор, Кай Хаверц, Букайо Сака и Деклан Райс. Пропуските на сметката на ''драконите'' бяха от страна на Уендел и Галено. И така след 4:2 при дузпите Арсенал очаква своя съперник на 1/4-финалната фаза в турнира. Жребият е този петък, 15 март, от 13:00ч. българско време. 

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    Фото кредит: Арсенал

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    Фото кредит: UCL Official

    Микел Артета след края на двубоя: ''Бяхме напълно наясно с това, че ни очаква труден мач. Порто бяха повече от добре организирани и създадоха някои наистина добри положения пред вратата ни. Ние обаче бяхме доста по-хладнокръвни и успяхме да поведем. Знаехме, че трябва да вдигнем оборотите, ако наистина искаме да спечелим мача. Разбира се, опитахме да го направим преди дузпите и имахме добри шансове за това. Не успяхме да вкараме и знаехме какво предстои. Искам да отдам заслужени похвали на момчетата. Давид Рая и всички останали бяха просто страхотни в тази напрегната ситуация. Мисля, че бяхме по-добрият отбор и напълно заслужено продължаваме напред. Беше просто страхотно усещане. Атмосферата, привържениците, емоциите, всичко бе просто фантастично. Истинска магия! За мен бе огромно удоволствие да бъда на този стадион, именно тази вечер. Сега предстои пауза, а след това продължаваме да гоним целите си. Това е, благодаря.''

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