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  • The Table of Doom is Over
    Arsenal Current 81 Max 90 Brighton(h)
    Man City Max 94 Brighton (a)
    Man Utd Max 75
    Newcastle Max 77
    Brighton Max 70 Man City (h) Arsenal(a) – kept because they play key matches.
    Liverpool  Max 71
    Tottenham  Max 66
    And so my Table of Doom is over. The countdown of those teams that could catch us for a Champions League slot are all gone, having bit the dust early. Will we get 90 points? Maybe. I am hopeful. We are certainly better than our 3 final opponents but that may not translate into wins.  Brighton have become an up and down team of late being beaten comfortably by Forest and Everton, both of which may be having their last days at the top table. We have to hope they are up against City and down against us. They are a good side on their day.

    Will Jurgen Klopp stay as Liverpool manager?
    Anyway I will discontinue this slot until next season as you all know who we will play, who City will play, and all the permutations. The only surprise will be if we win the championship without winning all our last 3 matches, I think we can all agree on that. City will now have another mind-bending game against Real and that might take its toll. We can only hope. Look what losing to them did to Liverpool in the final last year. They were rubbish for most of the season. We have hope. So bye bye Table of Doom.
    Who will be the top four next season?
    Today, I am going to take a strange tack and look at next season and who will be up against us.  I am going to say from the bat that I expect us and City to be top four leaving only 2 places to play for. We assume Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and the Spuds are contenders even though 3 of those may not play Champions league next season. That could be an advantage for them as they may not be in Europe at all like Chelsea or in one of the minor European trophies. They can play fringe players in these. They all have big income streams from many years at the top, bigger than the rest of the league and so have a natural advantage.
    Can we now expect Newcastle as well? I am not so sure. Champions league will play its toll assuming they get there. They, despite having some super players and a great manager combined with big pockets, might do a bit of a Leicester and go down a bit next time. They didn’t have Europe this year. They need to buy top players because some of these guys, like Dan Burns and our own Joe Willock, are not quite of the calibre they need as first choice if they are to battle on 2 big fronts. Sponsorship and merchandising income is still a lot smaller than the established sides although they do have an attendance capacity of almost 53,000. Their money plus their overall structure means they have a good chance of getting into the big boys club.
    Into the Big Boys Club
    So who else can we look at based on this season? Brighton for sure. They still have an outside chance of Champions league but that will surely stretch them. They may go back a bit and they may lose top players but they seem adept at producing young players and buying in superb ones. However a top attendance of less than 32,000 and without the ability to attract the sponsorship deals and marketing of merchandise of the more attractive clubs, combined with a rich, but not as rich as the top clubs, owner, means it will be really hard for them to truly compete at the highest level.

    Unai Emery could chase a Champions league slot next season
    Aston Villa, under Unai Emery, have been the real surprise packet of the season. Sprinting up the table with league winning form when under Steven Gerrard they were in relegation trouble, it has been astonishing how Emery has transformed them. They have a ground capacity of almost 43,000 and incredibly rich owners. They would have pretty good merchandise sales and sponsorship, although not like the big boys. They could jump up and take a slot very easily. Even this season, with a maximum of 63 points, they could be in Europe. Unai Emery seems to be at his best with an emerging side and I believe they will be a threat.
    Who else is there?

    Brentford's new stadium still only holds 17,250
    Brentford? I think Champions league is beyond them. They have a good team with a potentially great manager but low revenue from merchandise, sponsorship and attendances. 17,250 is not going to get you Champions league. Their owner is only worth 20M pounds and that is a pittance by today’s standards. Lose Thomas Frank to a big team and they could suffer from 3rd season malaise and even get relegated. If they keep him and their best players they could still do well. But I am putting them out of contention for Champions league.

    Matthew Benham - probably the poorest Premier league owner
    Fulham? They could well surprise again. Marco Silva has done wonders with them and they have a multi-billionaire owner. Shahid Khan is surely a serious contender with big plans otherwise why Fulham? Lower income streams and attendance at 22,238 is far less than the big boys, though it will be brought up to 29,600 for next season. I feel they would need a long-term project and a much bigger ground to get up there but that should be his plan. No Champions league for them next season, I predict. But I feel they will make strides and 5th or 6th may not be beyond them.

    Fulham's new stadium will only get them to 29,600
    The Dark horses and the Shambles
    For me the 2 dark horses may be Wolves, and Notts Forest (if they stay up).  Both sides have had some terrific performances this year. Wolves 3-0 vs Liverpool being one standout. Forest drew with City and beat Liverpool and Brighton. Both sides big disadvantage is that their grounds are around 30,00 capacity.

    The astonishing Chelsea collapse
    The other factor is the shambles of Man Utd (at times), Liverpool, Spurs and incredibly, Chelsea. Can they turn themselves around? I think it is possible Jurgen Klopp may resign if he does badly in his last 3 games.  Even if not, he may decide to go for a new challenge. I am not sure what will happen to them if he does go. They are a big side to manage and they will need a big manager and there are not many out there. The Spuds will be in the hunt for one as will Chelsea. All 4 may well not make Champions league next season but I do feel that Ten Hag is a good manager. As long as he gets Champions league this season he is safe unless the potential new owners think differently. They are my strongest tip of the four above. Chelsea and Spurs seem to have a lot to sort out to really challenge.
    So who am I going to predict? Arsenal number one, Man City number two, Man Utd number three and yes, Aston Villa in fourth. Unai Emery has a great record in pushing Real Madrid and Barcelona from the much lower base of Sevilla, Valencia and Villareal. He likes being with the underdogs. And hey, you read it here first. You can also bash me over the head for getting it badly wrong.
    Don’t bash me too hard, though.

    П О К А Н А
     За участие в
    Управителният съвет на сдружение „ФЕНКЛУБ НА ФК АРСЕНАЛ – ЛОНДОН В БЪЛГАРИЯ”, свиква Общо Събрание, което ще се проведе на 10.06.2023 г., от 11:00 часа, в гр. Русе, п.к. 7000, бул. „Придунавски” № 22 , хотел „Гранд хотел Рига”, зала 2, при следния дневен ред:
    1. Приемане на отчета за дейността на сдружението;
    2. Приемане на годишния финансов отчет;
    3. Освобождаване на членовете на Управителния съвет на сдружението поради изтичане на мандата им;
    4. Избор на нов състав на Управителния съвет.
    5. Промени в Устава на сдружението
    5. Разни
    При липса на кворум, събранието ще се проведе същия ден в 11:15 часа, на същото място и при същия дневен ред. 
    Заповядайте, защото от всеки един член на "Арсенал България" зависи развитието нашата организация, която вече 19 години стои гордо на картата на фен клубовете на чуждестранни отбори в България!

    Арсенал победи Нюкасъл като гост с 2:0 и запази теоретични шансове да завърши пред Манчестър Сити. Попаденията за Лондончани дойдеха след страхотен удар на капитана Мартин Йодегор в 14-та минута и автогол на Фабиан Шер в 71-та минута на срещата. Домакините оказаха ранен натиск и се опитаха да поемат контрол над събитията на терена, но постепенно те бяха изтласкани в собствената си половина. ''Свраките'' уцелиха и на два пъти гредата, а една такава имаше и на сметката на ''топчиите'' след страхотен удар на Габриел Мартинели. Аарън Рамсдейл пък направи всичко по силите си, за да опази вратата си суха и регистрира безапелационен двубой. Страхотен мач изнесе също така Жоржиньо, който бе истински диригент в средата на терена. Представянето на Якуб Кивиор в защита също бе на високо ниво, а радостната новина преди мача бе, че Габриел Магаляеш стартира и двамата щяха да си партнират в сърцето на отбраната. Може би негативно впечатление направиха някои от изявите на играчите в черно и бяло, които в доста големи периоди от мача имаха една едничка проста цел - да напомнят на ръгачи от 80-те години в Шотландия. Затова пък отговора в червено и бяло бе страхотен, като възпитаниците на Микел Артета не поддадоха дори и за момент на Сейнт Джеймсис Парк.

    По този начин победата бе изкована с характер, разнообразие и стил. Тя се оказа и втора поредна такава и то в рамките на една и съща седмица, след като Челси бе разбит с 3:1. Арсенал вече е с актив от 81 точки и остава на 2-ра позиция зад Манчестър Сити, който е с точка повече, но и с мач по-малко. Още подробности от снощи:

    Стартов състав и резерви:
    Фото кредит: Арсенал

    Жълти картони за играчи на Арсенал: Еди Нкетия (90+6); 

    Смени по време на мача: Кийрън Тиърни вместо Олександър Зинченко (61-ва мин.); Томас Партей на мястото на Мартин Йодегор, а Габриел Мартинели напусна терена за сметка на Леандро Тросар (80-та мин.);  Още една двойна смяна в 87-та минута, когато в игра се появиха Еди Нкетия и Рийс Нелсън. Заменени съответно бяха Габриел Жезус и Букайо Сака.

    Репортаж от мача: 
    Микел Артета след края на двубоя: ''Тази победа означава много за нас. Беше истинско изпитание. Миналата година ни нанесоха доста болезнен спомен, но сега успяхме да се справим и то по един страхотен начин. Трябваше да си спомним как се чувствахме след онзи мач и бяхме решени да запишем различен резултат сега. Играхме интелигентно и зряло и искахме трите точки на всяка цена. Повече от доволен съм от това представяне. Продължаваме да гледаме напред, защото никога не знаеш какво ще се случи в последният ден от сезона.''

    Фото кредит: Арсенал

    Следващата среща на сметката на ''точпчиите'' е тази неделя, 14 май, от 18:30ч. българско време. В нея, те приемат Брайтън на Емиратс. Разделяме се с пожелания за успешна и усмихната седмица!


    Фото кредит: Арсенал

    Нюкасъл приема Арсенал в мач от 35-ти кръг на Висшата лига. ''Свраките'' посрещнаха уикенда на 3-та позиция във временното класиране с 65т. от 33 мача, докато ''топчиите'' се намираха на 2-ро място със 78т. от 34 мача. На практика два от най-добре представящите се отбора през настоящата кампания се изправят в директна битка, която би могла да означава твърде много в края на сезона и за двата лагера. Именно Нюкасъл приземи надеждите на Арсенал през миналия сезон за класиране в Топ 4, като от онзи ден насам се промениха и случиха твърде много неща. ''Артилеристите'' вече си гарантираха завръщане в ''турнира на богатите'' и сигурно завършване в крайното подреждане пред съседа Тотнъм, но както казват, това никога не е достатъчно. На теория, че и на практика, Лондончани все още имат за какво да играят, защото в крайна сметка абсолютно никой не знае какво ще се случи в оставащите 3 (ако не броим днешния мач) срещи. Ситуацията е сходна и в Тайн и Уиър, като Нюкасъл пък все още не си е гарантирал участие в Шампионската лига догодина. Въпреки че изглежда така, че едва ли не просто няма вариант, в който през следващия сезон Сейнт Джеймсис Парк да не бъде озвучаван от химна на въпросният турнир. До момента черно-бели и червено-бели определено впечатляват своите привърженици, а ние се надяваме червено-бялата половина да има повече поводи за радост след последния съдийски сигнал довечера! COYG! 

    Кога: 18:30ч. българско време.

    Стадион: Сейнт Джеймсис Парк, Нюкасъл ъпон Тайн.

    Телевизия: Диема Спорт 2.

    Рефер на двубоя: Крис Кавана.

    Новините в лагера на Арсенал: Пътуването на североизток пропускат контузените Уилям Салиба, Такехиро Томиясу и Мохамед Елнени. На провелата се пресконференция преди мача Микел Артета сподели, че Салиба се чувства все по-добре с всеки изминал ден, но все още е рано за завръщането му в отбора. Твърде вероятно е французина да вземе участие в една от двете заключителни срещи (гостуване на Нотингам Форест и домакинство на Уулвс). Томиясу и Елнени пък остават с травми до края на кампанията. Под въпрос до последно за днес остава Габриел Магаляеш, който бе заменен от Роб Холдинг в края на мача срещу Челси през седмицата. Всички останали състезатели в отбора са на разположение за селекция.

    Микел Артета преди мача: ''Хареса ми начинът, по който се представихме в началото на седмицата. Беше страхотен отговор на всичко, което се случи напоследък. Още от самото начало на онзи мач показахме какво ще търсим в него. Бяхме решителни в действията си и постигнахме това, което искахме. Сега се намираме в подобна ситуация. Знаем какво искаме преди мача и този път и сме наясно с отговорността, която сме поели. Амбицията ни е да регистрираме успех, като този в лондонското дерби във вторник вечер. И всичко това с идеята и нагласата, че трябва да решаваме мачовете си, когато това е просто задължително. Трябва да бъдем безпощадни пред головите възможности. 
    Нюкасъл е страхотен отбор и сами виждате на каква позиция се намират в момента. Претърпяха редица промени и взеха някои много интелигентни решения, така че определено заслужават да са там, където са.''

    Игра с прогнози във форума на ASCB: 

    The Table of Doom Update
    Arsenal Current 78 Max 90 Man City(a) Newcastle (a) Brighton(h)
    Man City Max 94 Brighton (a) Arsenal (h)
    Man Utd Max 81 Brighton(a)
    Newcastle Max 80 Arsenal(h)
    Brighton Max 73 Man Utd(h)Man City (h) Arsenal(a) – kept because they play key matches.
    The Table of Gloom
     And so it is the Table of Gloom now. City destroyed us and Arteta is now useless, the players mediocre and we will be relegation candidates next year. Oh, woe is me!

    Jesus and Zinchenko - overrated?
    Nonsense! Rubbish! If I had said at the start of the season we would qualify for Champions league in April and still top of the league in May after beating Chelsea, plus fighting with City for the title close to the end, people would have said typical Gus optimism, never writes about reality. The reality is this week we have had a reality check and that we do need to strengthen, and maybe get rid of some players that are loved by Arsenal fans. Am I the only one who feels that Guardiola knew what he was doing when he dumped Jesus and Zinchenko? And that Xhaka still has a tendency to implode? And Partey seems to be playing with an injury? But despite all that, another win and we are guaranteed second, and in fact, we may already be second as the 2 Uniteds need close to maximum to catch us.
    We wouldn’t care that City thrashed us if we win the league
    In fact, before the start of the season in July, I wrote a comparison between City and us in which we came out badly. I had compared a possible top City 11 against a possible top 11 for us plus rated the managers and gave 11-0 to the Citizens. I gave only one draw which now looks ridiculous. On the basis that some players fail in the Premier league and Jesus was proven, although never a great goal scorer, I gave him a draw with Haaland. I did say I didn’t really believe that but I was trying to be optimistic. I predicted I would probably look stupid giving Jesus a draw. And so I accepted that City are better and on that basis should win the league.  But I also said this:
    “Judging player by player doesn't win championships - confidence, form and a winning mentality does.
    We need our players to step up, to play without fear, and take the game to the opposition. We need a bit of luck, we need momentum, and a good consistent start. “
    We did all that, except we have had some bad luck, particularly with VAR and injuries. I feel we need, at the minimum, a killer striker and centreback and midfielders not injury prone like Partey or capable of blowing up like Xhaka. And I am not happy with both Jesus and Zinchenko seemingly allowed to do what they like and ending up way out of position. They are not good enough players to do that. They should do their primary jobs, respectively score goals and defend, first. I, for one, would be happy to see them in their City role, warming the bench. But replaced with better players, whether bought or from the Academy.
    We have hope in our hearts

    Cancelo would be a great addition
    Despite all that, we could still win the league, we have had a great season and tremendous support from the fans. We have excellent reasons to be cheerful, our players are the youngest in the league and should get better. We have several times come back from setbacks and shown character in scoring late. I feel Arteta knows all this, he knows he has moulded a team capable of challenging even the mighty City. It is his job to make any improvements necessary, and plan for the seasons ahead. I am confident he will.

    As would Declan Rice
    There is talk of Cancelo and Rice. I would be very happy to see those two. Also Mane if he will come. He is only 31 and could have a few more years. Those 3 and improvements from the young players as they get more football wise plus one or two Academy players pushing for places means we have tremendous grounds for optimism.
    A cohesive winning collective can be accomplished by cleverness
    City are a giant who have owners who are far more concerned about whitewashing their public image than making a profit. They have unlimited money and the recent spike in oil prices has made them richer. The Kroenkes, by contrast, are in it for the money, their public image seems secondary, and they are running it as a business. It means that Arteta and Edu must be clever, they must nourish what they have, and be ruthless in discarding those who are not of the class to create a long-term winning team.

    Sheik Mansour - City's owner wants to make the UAE look good
    Wenger did it against Manchester United, putting a priority on developing the players rather than buying big. United were the City of that time, big moneybags with top players in every position. And yet, despite all that Wenger went toe to toe with them, picking up trophies which Man Utd had easily won before then. United were hated by most opposition fans, just as City are now. Anyone remember ABU? Anyone but United. That would be ABC now. That seems to gel with what City are doing, they do make things look as simple as ABC, at their best.

    Stan Kroenke runs Arsenal as a business
    I believe we will, as long as we stay hungry, be capable of getting in the faces of City and anyone else who emerges. We could be Arsenal, the team who sends others home crying. The team with class, with tradition, and a fighting spirit which makes us greater than the sum of our parts. Forget the Table of Gloom or the Table of Doom, we have had a great season. C’mon the Arse!.
    The true Table of Doom and Gloom

    Everton were champions nine times
    On a different note, at the bottom, it will probably be 2 former champions who go down. Leicester, Leeds, Everton and Notts Forest have all had their glory days. Southampton, who look doomed, have never won the league. But if they somehow manage a miracle, it will be 3 former champions heading for the door. I will feel most sad for Everton as I grew up among many Everton fans. They are by far the longest team in the top flight after us and I have always been happy they survived the several scares they have had. This year is harder, though. I suspect something like 36 points will be necessary. That is 7 points from 4 games and they haven’t come close to that this season. We play Forest and we could help them a little but they badly need to win and they are running out of time. I suppose they will bounce straight back up but their proud record will be gone.

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