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  • Should I stay or should I go?

    Augustine Worth

    Should I stay or should I go now?


    Ramsdale, Cedric, Tierney, Partey, Smith Rowe, Jorginho, Elneny, Vieira, Jesus, Nketiah, Nelson, Tavares, Patino, Lokonga, Marquinhos. These are, to me, the most likely players to be gone next season. If you check out a previous piece here, you will see I wrote about five players left from the Wenger era first team squad of which only Nelson, Nketiah and Elneny are left. It seems like Elneny will stay and there is a logic to keeping him as he is versatile, he won’t fetch much money, and he wants to stay and help the team get better. You do need experienced veterans who have performed on the big stage and he has won trophies with Egypt and Arsenal. 10% chance of going.


    Elneny is Arsenal

    Reiss Nelson? He hasn’t started this season, came on 13 times but only has 171 minutes from those and no goals. If I was him I would want out and he would fetch something in the transfer market being young. If we need to raise money he could go. I would say 70% chance of going.

    If I go it will be trouble

    Nketiah? Not the same situation but still may be heading out the door. He has five goals from 10 starts and 24 games in total with 1046 minutes played. Again, if it was me I would go. He has to start playing regularly and it is not going to happen at Arsenal. He would fetch a sizable sum as a goalscorer, enough to help fund an expensive transfer.  60% chance of going.

    I do feel that the Wenger influence will definitely be weakened.


    Emile Smith Rowe - could still be a great

    Ramsdale? For sure I would go and a keeper never gets subbed so he won’t get many games. 5 starts but definitely second choice. He needs to go and he will fetch good money. 90% chance of going.

    Cedric? 2 games and 34 minutes. I am not sure what his logic in staying is. Won’t fetch much but seems well out of the plans. 90% chance of going.

    Tierney? Played 16 matches so far for Real Sociedad but was out injured. He has played excellent for Scotland and would fetch a nice sum if sold. I suspect he could go.  80% chance of going.

    If I stay it will be double

    Partey? A true enigma for us. Gets booed all the time because of dark allegations against him and seems to be forever injured. On his game he is really top quality but when does that happen anymore? 3 starts and 4 games so far means we don’t really need him. Now a veteran and I doubt if anyone would put out large money for him but probably on a big salary. Could be his last season with us. 85 % chance of going.

    Smith Rowe? To me a potential great but does not seem to have a strong position within the club. Would get good transfer money and for his career he probably needs to go. 10 games but only 2 starts and never a full game plus no goals. 65% chance of going.


    Keeping him makes sense to me

    Jorginho? To me he should not be on this list but it seems his contract is up for renewal and there are rumours he will not be re-signed. I would definitely keep him and play him first choice as well.  Being a veteran and out of contract he won’t make us any money other than saving on salary. I hope he stays. 80% chance of going.

    So if you want me off your back

    Vieira? Probably because the team are playing so well he hasn’t had much chance but I feel he is seen as one for the future. Only 2 starts and 8 games and no full games means he is not high on the list at the moment. A loan spell may be imminent. But he is young and I think they will want to keep him. 40% chance of going.



    Jesus -Is he still worth big money?

    Jesus? The constant injuries affect his price and his necessity for the team. If we are winning without him do we need him? Still he is a huge disruption on an opposing team when on form. I am really not sure at all if he is seen as a player to keep or sell. Sure to be on big money, though and that will be a factor. If one or two new strikers come in he may go. 50% chance of going.

    Tavares on loan hasn’t made much impact at Forest and if Arsenal can get a price for him I reckon they will let him go. Still very young, though. 70% chance of going.

    Well come on and let me know

    Lokonga on loan at Luton has been good in some games I have seen him but doesn’t seem to be first choice. I can’t see him making it at Arsenal. 70% chance of going.

    Patino on loan at Swansea gets lots of games and has 4 goals and 4 assists. Still only 20 he probably shouldn’t be on this list as he is seen as one for the future. 30% chance of going.


    Charlie Patino - still one for the future?

    Marquinhos on loan at Nantes and now Fluminense in Brazil is not setting the world on fire. I think if Arsenal get an offer he will go. 90% chance of going.

    One day it's fine, and next it's black

    So there you have it, up to 15 players could be on the way out. We may, with a bad result against Porto have only 13 matches left so the chance of playing your way in is starting to look slim. Of course, if we beat Porto we may have an extra 5 matches to play giving players a chance to prove themselves but they are running out of time.


    This guy surely is gone?

    This article has surprised me because that is a lot of players that may leave. We could see a fairly big amount of new arrivals. Six on the list are UK so the club will want to keep that connection, with Brexit a problem, so I feel some of those won’t go. However, as far as I can see, all those UK players should go for the sake of their careers. I think I would. What’s the point in staying as a young player if you are only warming the bench? We may have a different Arsenal next season.

    Update to the Table of Doom

    Table of Doom








    Man City (h)

    Spurs (h)

    Villa (a)




    Man City

    Liverpool (a)

    Arsenal (h)

    Villa (h)

    Spurs (h)




    Man City (a)

    Villa (h)

    Spurs (a)





    Spurs (a)

    Man City (a)

    Arsenal (a)

    Liverpool (a)




    Villa (h)

    Man City(a)

    Arsenal (h)

    Liverpool (a)





    And so no change this week. Villa are hanging in there with a nice win over Forest. And with the Spuds not playing, they are still about. Man Utd shot themselves in the foot by losing at home to Fulham giving them a maximum of 80 points and, I feel, with their tough matches coming up, have probably blown all hope of a Champions League spot, even if there are five.







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