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  1. Can our new striker come from within? Reiss Nelson, Emile Smith Rowe, Martin Odegaard, Kai Havertz, Leandro Trossard, Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka, Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus. If we stick with that current line one of them, at least, will have to start banging in goals in a way that they haven’t so far. Or we need someone else as suggested by Jamie Carragher if we are to win the title. Gaby our centre? Why not? So can one of these do a Thierry Henry like conversion from their current position to start hammering in the goals like a certain Frenchman? On the surface it is hard to perceive. We do see Martinelli and Saka, with backup from Trossard and Nelson, and even Jesus, marauding along the wing, aiming for that cross or pullback that will unleash a goal. That must be frightening for any team. So pulling Martinelli or Saka from their role seems unlikely. Unless I am mistaken, Martinelli would like to tackle the centre but I don’t honestly see that happening, and nor with Saka. I can’t remember reading that Saka would like a centre role but nor did Henry and that is the critical aspect to this argument. Not what they might like but can they do it? He will need to be given patience The one big drawback is that it might take time to find their feet, like Henry. Old timers like myself will remember Henry struggling to get goals despite showing some flashes of top play. All of the above names are in that category, they have shown flickers of light at scoring goals and causing mayhem for the opposition, but none have really been given a long enough chance to show whether they are capable. I suspect that Jesus will not become a goal machine, though. But a switch with Martinelli could well work. I feel Martinelli can score goals. That for me, is one option to transform the team. Has Eddie really been given a chance? Of course Eddie, as probably the only dedicated centre forward in that line-up could start to blossom. He has at underage. He does need a longer spell and patience as was given to Henry. I reckon he won’t get it, though, and maybe we will never know if he could turn into the goal machine we need. I doubt if many fans would vote for Eddie, but then fans don’t pick the team. A surprise turns up? So, let’s take a step back and look at the rest. Reiss Nelson? He can score goals under pressure, we know that. He is quick, he is strong, and to me, he has a bit of a Henry look about him. Henry’s biggest attribute, in my opinion, was the arrogance he found as the goals flowed. He had the belief he could score against anyone and that is what we need and don’t have at the moment. Reiss? It could be but again there seems little indication that such a gamble would be taken. Emile? I really think this boy could do it Smith Rowe? Have you noticed how often he gets into dangerous positions? Even with a short match time? I feel he could very easily be a focal point. I would like to see him given a chance. I would see him as a Son type player, popping up to score goals from everywhere. He may be a Spud, but Son is a super player. This may well be my preference. Who else? Saka I don’t really see in the centre. For sure he could shine with the ability he has, he wouldn’t let us down, but the mayhem, the wing focal point of the attacks that are so crucial would be lost without him. Getting the ball to Saka always gives players a chance to score. Trossard? Again a Son type forward, to pop up across the line. He knows where the goal is and a sustained run could see him undroppable. If given a chance he could well do exactly what we are hoping for. Odegaard - the new Bergkamp? Martin? A Bergkamp style forward? He could do it, you know. He keeps getting better and he is scoring. He is deceptively strong, able and willing to pick up the ball, and with his confidence up, could make that leap. There would be a sacrifice in his distribution if he was further forward and there seems little indication Arteta would be willing to risk such a move. Paul Scholes comes to mind when I see Odegaard. Oh Kai? And lastly Mr Havertz. We just don’t know, do we? He has shown less goal ability than any of the above for us or Chelsea. He has talent, he has nous, he has size, and perhaps it is that belief that comes from scoring goals that will give him the arrogance to get in the box and find the back of the net regularly. He is the wild card of the lot. All we can really say is that the backroom team and the statisticians decided he was worth the huge money paid and crucially, Arteta believes in him. He has got on the pitch in most games so far. As a midfielder, though, surely he is not above Rice, Odegaard, Partey or even Jorginho? Can he be a forward above Eddie, Jesus and Trossard? If not, then I suspect a bit part role is his destiny. He must score or die. It is what I would tell him. Does he Havertz a chance? The only job open at the moment is the striker’s. The internal candidates are the above. Only Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard are safe in their positions. The others, if they jump on the striker’s role, could also be first choice like Harry Kane at Bayern, and the rest would have to pick up the scraps. Jesus - out wide for the good of the team? And my preference? Martinelli in the centre with Jesus out wide is probably the move that could work. Martinelli gets in the right positions. He can score goals by himself. He does seem to have the arrogance required despite his humble words. I feel he believes in himself. The only way we will ever know is if he is given the chance. I say give him that chance. Ps. You may say why did I not include Vieira? I just don’t see him as a focal point for the attack. I could be wrong, of course.
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