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Found 8 results

  1. Arsenal v Liverpool We got the only League Cup final win over Liverpool in 1987 Our biggest rivals? The strange thing is, when I started this series, I began with Tottenham. However, they have not been our biggest rivals at all. In fact, unless I concentrated on the past few years in which we were poor but they still won nothing, they have rarely been true hard opponents. And finding interesting angles was a bit tricky as there wasn’t all that many. Tottenham are worse than us, it’s as simple as that. But that is not true of Liverpool. When you look at our jo
  2. Arteta vs the rest I love his smile Can he be the best? I think it is fair to say that Arteta has the support of most fans. Emery didn’t. Wenger did for most of the time and it is even difficult to say if he may have had the majority of fans at the end. George Graham had his doubters, too, and some indifferent seasons but came from a low base, we had won little in the years preceding him. Our glory days were under Herbert Chapman with a couple of nice cameos from Bertie Mee and others. Chapman: read the second line - Arteta did And so, today, I will
  3. The guy who ruined our club can put it right?, Yeah, right! We will win all our matches We will have 105 points at the end of the season. I am very confident that will be our final figure - if we win all our matches between now and the end of the season! That will, of course, be enough to win the Premier league. Even if we throw in a few draws or another defeat or two we will probably be able to win the league judging by previous seasons. Manchester United won with 75 in 1996-97 and that would allow us 10 more defeats. So why are we all saying Arteta out? So much is stil
  4. Defeated and out of everything? From Zero After that abject defeat by Liverpool, 66 points are available to us over 8 matches. Can we win them all? At various times in our past that would not have been a dream for us but now it is, a very big dream with few Gooners expecting it. We are way too inconsistent and rarely seem to play the same team twice, meaning that understanding is lost. Last time I said that without Leno, Tierney, Saka and Smith Rowe we look vulnerable. Hello, we were without them bar Leno when Liverpool fired in 3 goals against us and we didn’t compete a
  5. Can we wait? Whether you are a supporter of Mikel Arteta or not, you are unhappy with the performances of our team in the league. If we were doing ok in the standings, say like on 24 points and 6th like Southampton, but had the same great run in the Europa league, the pressure wouldn’t be so great on Arteta. But it is what it is. We are struggling to win in the league and the reasons are obvious. We don’t put enough pressure on teams in the box because we are too slow to break forward. We play with fear. In the Europa league, by contrast, we chase down everything, the young players move t
  6. Arteta vs Neill You know, the situation with Arteta now is similar to when Terry Neill took over. We were happy when he took over but results didn’t improve as much as we would have liked. Arteta got us two gongs and Neill didn’t do that but he got us up to 8th in 1976-77 from 17th . Neill went on a losing run of 9 defeats from 11 - sound familiar, Gooners? It started in January and finished in March whereas I am hoping December brings us Christmas joy at the moment. Wenger fans will be aware that November was always his bad month and I am hoping Arteta has inherited that from him and we
  7. Арсенал се класира за 29’ти път в своята история на полуфинал за ФА Къп. Успехът дойде след победа с 1:2 като гост на Шефийлд Юнайтед. Точни за Артилеристите бяха Никола Пепе от дузпа в 25’та минута и Дани Себайос в 91’та минута. Голът за ‘’остриетата’’ отбеляза МакГолдрик в 87’та минута. По този начин Микел Артета успя да изведе "Топчиите" до тази фаза на състезанието още в дебютния си сезон. В спор за определянето на финалист, лондончани ще се изправят срещу състав на Манчестър Сити. Испанецът заложи в предни позиции на Лаказет, който носеше капитанската лента. От лявата му страна пома
  8. Арсенал се изправя срещу Саутхямптън в мач от поредния кръг на Висшата Лига довечера (25.06.2020). Двубоят е от 20:00 българско време на стадион Сейнт Мерис. Още едно не леко място за гостуване, особено предвид историята на сблъсаците между двата отбора на това място. Положението при Арсенал е много далеч от розово. След 30 изиграни кръга отбора се намира на незавидното 11‘то място, на 1 точка зад Евертън, които са с мач повече и 1 точка пред 12‘тия Бърнли. След подновяването на лигата топчийте записаха 2 поредни загуби и ако тази от Ман. Сити, макар и безлична да бе до някъде очаквана, т
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